F16-C 1:5 PNP

  • Product Code F16ONZ9Y80
  • Manufacturer Jetlegend
  • Average Rating F16-C 1:5 PNP 5 5 1

Super 1:5 F16-C from Jetlegend. This plug and play jet has great flight performance and aside from the usual plug and play inclusions, has electrically opening canopy, and pneumatic speed brakes. Great attention to detail is supported by a great build quality and fine paint finish.

This is a large model and is shipped as a one piece fuselage at 2.8m long box!

Colour schemes can be just about anything that has been painted on an F16 so plenty to choose from.

Specifications as follows:

Length 120"/3.125m  Wingspan  80"/2m
Weight: 43 Lbs + fuel/19.5kg
Power: 200 - 220 Newtons
Flight Time: 9+ minutes
Full or part ordinance set available.
Internal UK mainland delivery noy included.



1/5 F16 Jet Legend. AWESOME

Geoff Coxon - May 18 2018, 20:37 PM

Our charity purchased one of these from Jeff. It was ,sadly, a long delay to get the jet (6 months almost) BUT when it arrive it was fantastic. Great quality, solid and what a paint job! Very high quality at a stunning price. We have built a Skymaster 1:4.75 Hawk and that was terrible by comparison. A great jet, but not as good as the jet legend. If you know what you are doing with these things you literally will be flying after 10-12 hours. Seriously. The Plug nplay is a great idea. When you think of the time saved this is great value. Seriously recommended.

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