JetCat P160RXi-B

  • Product Code JETDZ0TJ96
JetCat P160RXi
New with integrated kerosenestart system, internal magnet valves, integrated BRUSHLESS fuel pump and internal temperature sensor as well as new bus technology and Mini GSU.
Technical Specifications:
Thrust: 142N at 125.000rpm
Weight: 1590g incl. Valves
Diameter: 112mm
Length in total: 320mm
Rpm range: 35000 - 125000rpm
Exhaust temperature: max. 710°C
Fuel consumption: 510ml/min (Full throttle)
Fuel: Kerosine Jet A1, Petroleum
Lubrication: appr. 5% of turbine oil (Aeroshell 500) mixed in fuel
Maintainance interval: 25hours

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