Fuel System Fill and Vent Kit

  • Product Code FUE4CGYX18
  • Manufacturer Jetlegend

This is the same Fill and Vent Set used on the PNP range of jets. It is a total solution - see image for included parts.

The fill valve is a one-way valve that uses a 1/4 tun adaptor to fill and a dust cap for cleanliness and extra security.  The Vent fitting includes an adpator for your overflow tank and a bung with a RBF flag included. THe Vent Bung is also fitted with a magnet so you have less chance of losing it!

Neat and reliable system that simplifies fuel filling.

Set includes:

Fill Valve

Fill Adaptor

Dust Cap

Vent Fitting

Vent Adaptor

Vent Bung with RBF Flag


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