L39 Albatross

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The 1/5th scale L39 Albatross from Jetlegend. The new V2 L39 is now manufactured using a vacuum system which reduces weight significantly but retains the strength of the airframe.

The L39 features externally painted factory schemes, nose hatches for easy acces to batteries etc, and full rivet detail.

Basic details are:

Wingspan - 68"

Length - 95"

Turbine - 23 pounds +

Features as per other other Jetlegend models  including operating speed brakes, scale retracts etc.

The L39 is available in four schemes; the green camo, demo scheme, Breitling scheme and the blue camo scheme or select the scheme of your choice - included in the price.

It does not need a huge turbine to fly it either; a 23 pound thrust engine is provides very good performance.

Includes gear and doors fitted, scale cockpit.

Delivery not included.





L39 brilliant model

John Passmore - Jun 05 2015, 10:27 AM

Great jet you will not be disappointed!! mine has a jetmunts 140 in it and it fly's so well very pleased with it and Jeff was so helpful as well.



Sean Burchfield - Feb 14 2013, 20:04 PM

Everything gary said above is right. Mine has an old super eagle 29lb thrust in it and fly's so well. Lands so slowly. Even though it old and had many flights it still feels good. Go on buy one, you will love it.


L39 is superb!

Gary Pope - Dec 28 2011, 11:57 AM

This was my first "large" Jet powered by a Wren 160 Kpro, I felt compelled to comment on this aircraft because it flies so nicely, has a majestic presence in the air and lands so beautifully. On a 160 most of the flight is conducted at about half throttle which gives a scalelike flight. In short a highly recommended jet which is easy to fly and land, looks good in the air and comes with a great back up from Jeff, the owner of ZedJet! Gary.

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