Jets-Munt SL was formally incorporated over 11 years ago, in 2004, but the experience of its members goes back over 20 years. The work on RC turbines started in 1994, progressed fast and we had operational turbines in regular flight from 1996. JM engines give high specific power and low fuel consumption in a small size and low weight compared to most competitors.

Our strong points are constant technological innovation, like brushless pumps, telemetry, or the VT series of engines; in house design and manufacturing of all engine components using proprietary technology, from CNC compressors to electronics, valves and brushless fuel pumps. This allows manufacturing high quality products at affordable price, designed especially for our engines. On top of this, if things go wrong, our technical service is well known for to be fast and affordable.

The M100 is the engine of choice for the 2 meter class of sport models. 100N packed in a small, lightweight body. …
Genuine FOD guard to fit Merlin M200XBL and M140XBL turbines.
Genuine FOD guard to fit Merlin M100XBL and VT80 turbines.
This is the first member of our all new generation VT engines, most advanced and user friendly of its class. Has been…
The M200XBL is the successor to the M160.  Power increased in 40N, to 200N, weight reduced in 300 gram, to 1.530 gra…
The Merlin 140XBL has140N of thrust packed inside a small can of only 102mm diameter. Where a standard 110mm engine d…