Krill Avanti S-FC - Classic Blue/Electron Retracts Combo


The Krill Avanti S-FC is a full composite build, accurate flying sport jet designed for 100N - 140N turbines. The Avanti S-FC is a 'high end' sport jet manufactured in the Czech Republic and using latest technologies to produce a light but tough product of the highest quality. Painting in the mould not only gives a great finish but ensures a lighter airframe. Well designed aerodynamics ensures a straighter flying jet that requires vitually no mixing but also docile handling, particularly in the crucial landing phase. Indeed, with a 100N engine, Krill consider the Avanti S-FC an ideal jet trainer!


Length = 2.2M

Wing Span = 2.1M

Weight = Circa 5Kg


Avanti features:

  • Pre-hinged flight surfaces
  • Pre-hinged nose gear doors
  • Novel 1-screw stab retention system
  • Wire ducts pre-installed
  • Pre-drilled servo mounts
  • 140N Tailpipe
  • Combined fuel/bubble trap/smoke tank
  • Large canopy for easy access
  • Fast build
  • Painted in the mould
  • Plug on wings/stabs
  • Full Electron Landing gear set

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