• Product Code L39MV2DI12
  • Manufacturer Jetlegend

Probably the best flying, best value 1:5 L39? I think so!

Comes with the following factory fitted:

  • Landing Gear, Gear Doors and Air/Speed Brakes 
  • Custom paint (out of the mould) includes insignia etc. (choose your preferred scheme)
  • Light System
  • Smoke System
  • All Servos (HV, High Torque), linkages and control horns
  • Retract/Brake Valve system and Digital Sequencer (controls retracts, brakes, nose leg centering on retraction, failsafe, battery voltage, optional RPM and pressure indication)
  • Fuel Tanks (plumbed system)
  • Full Servo Lead Set
  • Scale Cockpit
  • Bubble Trap
  • Fuel Filler
  • Air System Filler

Delivery not included.

This is the lightweight G2 variant with hinged canopy and dual radio access hatches in the nose section.

Flies great on a 140 turbine.


Scale:  1:5
Length 94"/2.35m
Wingspan  74"/1.85m
Weight: 32 Lbs/14.5Kg
Power: 140 Newton Turbine


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