MFlow2 T800

MFlow2-T800 for Turbines
This telemetry sensor measures the flow of jet fuel from the tank to the turbine and can thus display the tank level reliably.
The MFlow2-T800 is suitable for models with turbine drive.
- The sensor is compatible with the EX-BUS system
- configuration with the device manager of the JETI DC/DS Tx
- reset switch at the DC/DS Tx possible
- EX telemetry values: Actual flow, and tank level
- Adjustable parameters by the user, such as Tank volume, alarm at minimum level
- Firmware update via Jeti USBa
specifications MFlow turbine:
Measuring range [ml / min]: 20-800
Measuring tolerance [%]: ± 2
Hose connection [mm]: 2x 4mm Festo
Dimensions [mm]: 77x41x30
Weight [g]: 40
Voltage range [V]: 5-8.4
Operating Temperature [° C]: -20 to 80


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