Terms & Conditions


Reasonable Airframe Strain.       

As with all full scale aircraft, all of the models sold by ZedJet have an airframe design limit. Any aircraft (be it full scale or otherwise) has enough potential to fail its airframe whilst in flight due to the manner in which it is flown.

ZedJet will accept no liability for loss of airframe and equipment that occurs through inappropriate use of (and/or lack of consideration for) the airframe. This includes loss of airframes due to "non scale" flight characteristics, models compromised in previous minor accidents or the use of a turbine with a greater thrust range than recommended.

Any purchase made thorugh ZedJet is a commitment by the purchaser to the understanding of these conditions.


The manufacturer and its distributors cannot control how you assemble this model, what equipment you use to fit it out, or how you fly it, and can assume no liability whatsoever for any damages that may occur when you fly your aircraft. By assembling this model, you are agreeing to indemnify and hold blameless the manufacturer and/or his agents from any and all torts and liability associated with the use of this product. Please inspect all parts before beginning assembly. If any parts appear to be suspect, contact your dealer or the manufacturer for repair or replacement BEFORE you begin. Once you have assembled the aircraft, you are the pilot in command and assume any and all responsibility for the use of the model and any damages that might occur by flying or attempting to fly this aircraft.