Xicoy X45 Turbine (Compact Version)

  • Product Code TUR8BF7762
  • Manufacturer Xicoy

Turbojet X45

Compact version.  Includes combined data terminal and connecting hub. 

Power:  45N  - 10lb

Extremely low residual thrust:  1,8 N -0,4 lb
Exceptional  idle to full  thrust ratio of  25 times.
Max RPM: 225.000
Minimum RPM: 60.000
Diameter: 59,8 mm
Lenght: 165 mm
Engine weight: 395 g including mounting strap and FOD filter.
Installed weight: 484 g (inc Engine, Pump and leads. Not inclusive of battery.)
Fuel  Comsumption: 20 g/min at idle.  145 g/min at full power.
Easily adjustable thrust output in Newton and in Lb from 1,8 N  to 45 N.
Kerosene and diesel fuel + 4% oil
Kerostart fast starting of 25 sec.
Inflight Restart technology. Typically half time than Normal Start.
Brushless fuel pump with integrated controller.
High speed Brushless starter motor.
All new Fully Integrated ecu.
Telemetry for Jeti, Futaba, HoTT, MPX, PB Core, Spektrum, JR and FrSky. (Optional module)
Fuel and FOD filters included.

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