Xicoy Telemetry Adapter Futaba (Jeti MPX Hott JR)

  • Product Code XICIFVSJ22
Adapter to connect the telemetry data from XICOY, JetCentral, Wren, Kingtech and JetsMunt ecus that use a servo lead on data terminal connection  to JETI, FUTABA, MULTIPLEX, HoTT and JR DMSS
Supports several engines on the same receiver except Hott.
Ecus V6 and older (connector RJ45 8 pin) not supported
Supports Futaba MZ18 and SG14. Robbe Telemetry Box not supported. JetiBox supported, inclusive alarms.
Translates all relevant parameters (RPM. EGT, battery, Pump, Throttle and remaining fuel) from the ecu to the TX, where they can be recorded and alarms set.
If used on JETI and Hott radios, it provides full emulation of the ecu data terminal to access to all ecu functions, and to monitor the startup of the engine. Keystrokes of the buttons on the transmiiter are sent to the ecu to allow the navigation through all the menus on the ecu.  
On Futaba radios the measures of the received signal strenght and failsafe counter are transmitted to the TX for a evaluation of the quality of the radio link and to set a alarm if link became marginal
Check the user's manual: http://www.xicoy.com/Telemet1_0.pdf  for detailed specifications on each transmitter system.

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