YAK 130 1:5 PNP

  • Product Code YAKGQOIP46
  • Manufacturer Jetlegend
 The YAK 130 Plug and Play Jets comes with the following as standard/factory fitted:
Landing Gear, Gear Doors and Air/Speed Brakes (were applicable)
Custom paint (out of the mould) includes insignia etc.
Light System
Smoke System
All Servos (HV, High Torque), linkages and control horns
Retract/Brake Valve system and Digital Sequencer (controls retracts, brakes, nose leg centering on retraction, failsafe, battery voltage, optional RPM and pressure indication)
Fuel Tanks (plumbed system)
Full Servo Lead Set
Scale Cockpit
Bubble Trap
Fuel Filler
Air System Filler


Scale 1:4.85

Wingspan: 79"/1.9m

Length: 94"/2.3m

Weight: 34lbs/15.5kg dry

Engine: 140-160 Newtons

Thanks to YAK 130 owner, Iain Burridge, for the images.


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